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About Hello Beautiful!

I didn’t set out to write a book in 2017. My dad had just passed away and I was sad. The last year or two had been a horrible time for all of us. My dad had struggled with prostate cancer and right in the middle of all that I got an early stage of breast cancer and had to have a bilateral mastectomy. I was feeling really down. We went to Dominica for the funeral and I found many old photos of my dad at our old house. Seeing those pictures of my dad took me back. What was he like back then? Why were people saying all those things about him during his funeral? You see at that point I had only thought of my dad as the disciplinarian and an old sick man that I was responsible for in his latter years. I had forgotten that he had a rich life. So I started exploring his life through photos. I found photos of him and drew them in a little black sketchbook that I carried with me everywhere. I had never done that before. Then I thought I would write stories about those photos. The stories were based on my memories, a bit of research, and stories that I had heard. I did all of these on my phone. In the end, I had a compilation of photos and stories. Each story is written in his voice and mine. It helped me explore my feelings about events in my childhood. It also helped me imagine what my dad went through during these times. In the end someone suggested I compile them into a book. So I did. I thought of going through the publisher route but I wanted to get this book out before people forgot about daddy. So I went through CreateSpace (now Amazon KDP). And thats how I ended up with a book. It’s a nice little book. Most people read it in one sitting. They laugh at the beginning then they cry. I’m proud of the book. I am sure daddy would be proud too. He would laugh and say ‘Popsy you not easy eh!’


Hello Beautiful is not just another book. It is the story of a daughter’s love for her dad and the roller-coaster ride that the family endured as their husband and dad, battled cancer.
It is the expression of love amid the pain and uncertainty; the subtle aspects of their intertwined lives from her very young days to a grown young lady.
The way Nadine brings us into the personal aspects of her family’s day to day highs and lows, their private moments, their hopes and despair, yet, keeping the faith and the mannerisms exhibited by her dad, is so compelling. That bond that develops between the two of them, even as she herself has her own issues to deal with, is so special that even reading the words paints a picture of Willie. A man, fiercely watching over his family yet not afraid to tell his daughter that she is beautiful. A man, still being himself even as he realizes he faces the inevitable. And on the other hand a daughter who uses her creativity to share with us all her love and respect for her dad and using it to help her grieve in a positive way, if there’s ever a way to do so.
I hope many will have the opportunity to go along on this journey with Nadine and celebrate with her, in their own special way, the life lived by Wilmurt. Great job, Nadine.

-- Giftus John

It's been a while since a book has tugged at my heart strings. It's an easy read and I completed it the same night I received it. I laughed, cried and then got upset for being in suspense for some plots? I need to know how some of those stories ended. I can't wait to read more of Nadine's work. She's a truly talented writer. I felt as though I was right there in person. Kuddos Nads, daddy would have been proud his Popsey ;)

-- Jewel

This book tells about the love and relationship between a father and his daughter. You will enjoy moments of laughter and also those of tears. Just an AWESOME read. Looking forward to more stories from Nadine.

-- Amazon Customer

Very interesting brought tears to my eye thanks for sharing your destiny this book c ould be comfort to others going through the same

-- Kindle Customer

Short and sweet. Touched my heart and soul, I pictured every word and phrase in my mind. Nadine did a fabulous job capturing the important moments of her and her Dad's life. Excellent job.

-- Claudette Serrant

This book is amazing. It's a quick read but I wish it was longer. It tells a great story and I can't wait for the next one.

-- Michael W.

What a lovely tribute to your relationship to your father. I especially appreciated the epilogue.

-- Lisa Bryant

You are hooked instantly . I couldn’t leave it at home while I went to work . Took it along for the ride . I laughed , I cried . Yes ! Like a BIG BABY 👶 and I felt guilty . ( I’ve told her why )
Well done my friend Nadine Shillingford Wondem you didn’t just write a good book , you wrote a great book . I’m proud of you .

-- Karlyn Ferreira

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